5 of the Funniest Reactions to Senator Walsh's Remarks: Nurses Probably Play Cards for a Considerable Amount of the Day

Cynira Clay - 04/21/19

To be a good nurse, you have to have an amazing sense of humor. That is how a nation full of pissed off nurses is coping with Washington's Senator Maureen Walsh remarks that Nurses probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day. 

In the spirit of the (sometimes sick and twisted) sense of humor, we gathered up 5 of our favorite memes nurses are using to react and cope to the outlandish claims. 

1. The real reason why patients wait so long in the ED: 

When you find out the  card game got moved to  another unit-2


2. My favorite quote from nursing school 

Deal me in Florence


3. I'm just going to leave this right here...

And where do Senators for on this poll again

4. And the first nurses station at that!

A rare photograph of  Florence Nightingale at the nurses station

5. I only know how to play Uno

I became a Registered Nurse because I sucked at playing cards


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