7 Reasons Why Nurses Are So Important



Nurses are the under appreciated heroes of the healthcare system. They provide over 90% of the healthcare in the world but are barely thought of when it comes time to thank our health providers. Here are the top 7 reasons (out of thousands) why nurses are so important and necessary.

1. Emotional Job

Nurses perform an emotional labor that not everyone can do. They work with people ranging from newborn children to people who are on the cusp of death. Nursing is one of the most emotional jobs one can have and it requires a lot of strength. I know that I wouldn’t be able to deal with everything that nurses deal with and go into work everyday with a smile on their face. However, they still do. It’s important we focus on the emotional wellness that they bring people along with the physical and mental wellness. 

2. Knowing a little about a lot

While nurses can (and do) focus on specialities, usually they are required to know a little bit of everything. They can tell you everything from oncology to gynecology as they often have to help patients deal with a multitude of different issues. Nurses need to learn as much as they possibly can so they are capable of triaging and helping every patient that comes through the door. The passion and dedication required to do that shows how much heart they have.

3. Bodily Functions

Nurses not only assist their patients with their issues, they also assist them with bodily functions. Anyone who has been through a major surgery appreciates nurses willingness to help you do daily activities with grace and kindness. 

4. Death

As we mentioned before, nurses are required to do a lot of emotional labor for any patient that comes through the doors. Hidden within that emotional labor is the emotional labor required to face death. Everyday nurses provide dying patients with amazing and respectful end-of-life care. However, their job doesn’t stop there as they help the family of the patient come to terms with their grief and deal with it in a healthy way.

5. Long hours

One thing that you might not know about the nurses that greet you with a smile is that they have probably been there for longer than you can imagine. Nurses work insanely long shifts to provide support and relief to their team. No matter how tired they may be, they never allow themselves to relax in the top notch care that they provide their patients.

6. Advocate

Anyone who has had to have long term care for an issue knows that nurses are usually the biggest advocates. Doctors often do not have time to engage with patients much aside from reading their charts and small meetings, so they are not always aware of your day to day issues and pain levels. Nurses are with you almost all of the time, creating treatment plans and assisting you with everything necessary and they will advocate and fight for you when it comes to it.

 7. Appreciation

Nurses do all of this incredibly hard work while dealing with comments about being “just a nurse”. Though they are the heart and soul of the health care system, they are often disregarded and don’t get the appreciation that they deserve. However, they never allow this to stop them from offering the best level of care available. That is what makes nurses some of the most important people within the healthcare system.

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