Domestic and Sexual Violence CEU for Massachusetts Nurses

Cynira Clay - 03/12/19

Get ready Massachusetts Nurses - the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing has issued a new CE training requirement - Domestic and Sexual Violence. 

As part of the Acts of 2014, Chapter 260, An Act Relative to Domestic Violence, Section 9, the boards of registration in medicine, nursing, nursing home administrators, physician assistants, social workers, psychologists and allied mental health and human services were tasked with creating and establishing standards on the issue of domestic and sexual violence as a training as a condition of licensure and license renewal. 

In an effort to help you meet these new requirements of re-licensure, we reached out directly to the Board of Nursing and the Department of Health to find out everything we can about the course requirements so we can start the process to become an approved Department of Health provider of Chapter 260 training.

We have also confirmed that the Board will not hold a nurse responsible for the required training until it is available. Once the training information is made available, nurses who have not yet renewed in 2018 will be required to complete the training within 6 months of its implementation. Nurses who have already renewed this year (before the training information and course is made available) must complete the training prior to their next renewal.*

Make sure that you are subscribed to our emails to receive notifications once the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing has issued the new training. We understand the importance of continuing education and we will notify you as soon as you can complete the requirements on

For now, you can get started on earning 80 CE hours towards your other Massachusetts CEU requirements by creating a free account. You can review all of our courses and assessments on your laptop or mobile device. 

*Update from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing.