Don't Just Be a Nurse at Work, Take the Best Parts of Your Job Home

Monica Lin - 07/30/19

Have you ever felt like simply being a nurse wasn’t enough? That wearing scrubs every single day to work did not show enough people you were a nurse? Have you ever felt the strange urge to put up decorations in your home that remind people your a nurse? Abstract paintings of bacteria, jars with nurse puns on them, cute knick-knacks that are related to the medical field? Well, if you are, then you’ve come to the right place! Now, you can take your job home with you in the most playful way possible with the list of cute nurse decor available for purchase below!

1. A Prescribed Coffee Mug

People use cups and mugs all the time, and clearly, nurses are no exception. If you’re sick of the regular, drab, cylindrical coffee mugs that regular people use, why not try something quirkier? Amazingly, there are mugs available for sale that look like really big pill containers. This is a fun way to get your needed prescription of coffee every morning, and isn’t too pushy on the idea that you’re a medical professional, though I’m sure people who are not in this field wouldn’t ever dream of buying this for themselves or receiving it as a gift. You can check it out here.

2. An Abstract Bacteria Art Set

You’ve probably taken a great number of classes that have taught you about the intricacies of bacteria, and maybe you think that they’re gross at this point, but have you ever really like them? Appreciated their complexity so much that you wanted an abstract painting of them on your wall so you could understand them on a more intimate level? Well, you’re in luck. After scouring the depths of the internet, we found just the thing you might be looking for

3. A Personalized Nurse Treat Jar

Jars are great because they can hold absolutely anything that you need them to hold. A couple of years ago, they made a great comeback because of the “Mason Jar” trend, but we’ve got something even better than that for you. Why not purchase your own punny, nurse-related treat jar? Across the bottom of the front are the words, “Nurses are patient people,” which obviously is true in two different ways. This jar is the perfect way to have an item that playfully exhibits your career, and you can click here to see it now.

4. A Nurse Snow Globe

Being a nurse is a year-round job; in fact, even when the holidays come, your career doesn’t just stop. When you hear Christmas songs playing incessantly, maybe even see snow outside depending on where you live, and see trees and decorations everywhere, there’s no need to not do some decorating yourself. All the decorations you see are probably incredibly boring and generic: candy canes, evergreen trees, flickering lights. This snow globe is also perfect for the summer, though! It has no real hints of winter in it besides the snow, and even for Valentine’s Day, because the message on it is crafted with care and the stethoscope loops into a heart-shape on the back. If you want a versatile decoration that transcends the power of seasons, you can click here

5. A Nurse-Related License Plate

If being a nurse at your job and at home isn’t enough, then you can buy a license plate, too; whether you want to remind everyone who's tailgating you to work that you’re a nurse, or you want people to simply acknowledge this while you’re trying to take a space in a cramped parking lot, this decorated license plate is a cute idea to spruce up the back of your car! With an illustrated life-line on the top, and the words “Nurse Life” on the bottom, everyone around your vehicle will know exactly what you do. As they should, because you work hard and deserve that recognition. Check it out here.

6. A Bed for Your At-Home Nurse Needs

This last item is a bit far-fetched and high-priced, but hear us out. Everyday, you’re seeing patients in your hospital and clinic; they walk into an examination room, and you direct them towards… the exam table! Adjustable, long, cushioned -- doesn’t it seem like the perfect bed? Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a patient, since you’re always on the side of giving them care? Well, if you’ve ever had these thoughts, did you know that it was possible to purchase your own? You can buy one here and start feeling like a patient now while everyone else in your home knows you’re the nurse. 

In all seriousness, there is nothing wrong with having some cute, playful decorations up in your home that display your pride and enjoyment regarding your career choice and what you do. Wearing the scrubs might be a bit much if you do it so often, and sometimes, you may even be tired of your job because even if you’re a nurse, you’re human, but the decorations listed above (for the most part) can help remind you what you’re here for, and that it can be fun. 

Don’t ever forget how wonderful and great what you do is by putting your child’s cookies in a nurse jar today!