No Time to Wash your Hair? Use NursingCE's Best Dry Shampoo Guide

Monica Lin - 09/06/19

Maybe this week, you’ve had back-to-back shifts, and you’ve skipped washing your hair for an extra day. You’re tired, and you think that the extra fifteen to twenty minutes of sleep in the morning is so much more worth it than a shower at the moment. You wake up finally, then, put on your scrubs, and look in the mirror to see if there are any tells that you’ve postponed a shower for an extra day. Your hair seems slightly limp and a bit oily, but overall, it’s okay. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Those of us who aren’t nurses have even been there.


You can totally skip shampooing your hair for a few days. In fact, many hair stylists are now saying it’s better for your hair to not shampoo everyday as doing so all the time actually strips your hair of its natural oils. There seem to be clear benefits, then, to dry shampooing, such as your hair being healthier and happier and you saving time. If you skip a day of hair washing, though, your hair might show it, and that’s where dry shampoo comes in. A few spritzes of dry shampoo and some brushing will help soak up excess grease and add volume so that you can have a clean, just-showered look without actually shampooing. Picking the right dry shampoo, though, is important because the wrong one can leave your hair in a worse condition that before you applied the product, i.e. limper, duller, or oiler. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list to help you find your best dry shampoo fit. 


Read below to see our recommendations and get to looking and feeling like your best self again!


This dry shampoo is the best selling dry shampoo in the entire world. It refreshes hair, gets rid of odor, and adds volume without leaving a residue, making your hair look more alive. Additionally, this product comes at a great price point as it’s between $8 and $16, depending on where you buy it from. After spritzing some of this in your hair, tousle your hair, brush it, run your fingers through it, and so on to make sure that the product can really soak up the oil and give you a fresh look. Even more revitalizing, this dry shampoo comes in a pleasant and subtle clean laundry scent.


This dry shampoo is fantastic at soaking up oils, so it is great for those who have super oily hair on their second day without a wash. Additionally, it’s great for damaged hair as it has vitamin C, which promotes healthy growth, and Kristin Ess’ Zip-Up Technology, which protects your hair while giving your strands strength. 


This dry shampoo is made from tapioca, not talc, so it won’t leave anything powdery in your hair. This is good because you won’t spend as much time trying to brush it through your strands, since we know that thin hair is hard to manage in that way sometimes. Instead, it’ll make your strands less dull, boosting your hair without any heaviness or tackiness. It’s ideal for hair that is limp and lifeless, even if you're on your third day without a wash.


This dry shampoo has a formula that won’t weigh down or make your hair feel heavy even in the slightest. Fine for all hair types and textures, this product creates long lasting volume and refreshes oily hair like no other product that is available for this price, which starts at $24. This dry shampoo shows up white in your hair at first but absorbs easily because of OFPMA, or a “Healthy Hair Molecule,” which is a patented technology that helps to eliminate frizz, smooth strands, and repel dirt and odors so hair stays cleaner longer. There’s also a time-released fragrance that smells amazing; nobody will be able to tell that you haven’t showered for over two — or even three or more — days.


This dry shampoo is actually quite versatile and can be used on a plethora of different kinds of hair textures, but it was specifically made for those with curly hair, both “coiled and tightly coiled.” This is a great dry shampoo because we know how difficult it can be to find hair products for intensely curly hair textures. Its ingredients minimize oil, stop bacteria growth, and soothe irritated scalps. The charcoal ingredient of this dry shampoo draws out impurities while witch hazel, which is an effective astringent, regulates the production of oil. Lastly, there is clay, tapioca, and rice starches that absorb oil on your scalp.


Many dry shampoos come with a white residue upon first application, which can be troublesome or bothersome for those with darker hair. This dry shampoo was formulated specifically for darker shades of hair. It has plant-based ingredients and is an ultra fine powder that cleans hair, eliminates dirt, oil, and odors, all while adding volume and texture to hair at the same time. This dry shampoo has organically-harvested oat milk which soothes and protects both the hair and scalp. It also has corn and rice starch to soak up oils, providing powerful cleansing action. Lastly, it has natural mineral pigments that feature a beige shade that blend seamlessly into hair.


In addition to it’s amazing smell, this dry shampoo is ideal for lighter hair tones! It’s formula contains ultra-fine rice starches that work to absorb oil. It also has subtle violet undertones to fight off brassiness and keep your hair looking fresh and bright.

If you dye your hair, you know how difficult it is to keep the color looking vibrant. Over-washing, alcohol-based styling products, and sun exposure can cause the color of your hair to change and fade. Dry shampoo, though, can help because you can stave off washing your hair for longer, allowing your color to last for weeks to come. Even better, this dry shampoo from Suave was specifically formulated for color-treated hair. It is color-safe and refreshes and revives oily hair. It has Keralock Technology, which infuses keratin into the hair to keep it manageable and smooth between washes.


There are many different types of dry shampoo for the kinds of hair types that exist, and it’s important to pick the right one for you! Next time you’re too busy to worry about washing your hair and you’ve got a long ten hour shift coming up, consider trying one of these dry shampoos to revitalize those locks! We’re sure that nobody will be able to tell you skipped washing for more than two days, and we’re all in for looking good and saving time.