Summertime and CEs: Are They a Good Mix?

Monica Lin - 07/09/19

Ever since we first began attending school, we imagined summer to be a time of peace, and by peace, I mean minimal-to-no learning. Summer, in our minds, is for vacationing, going to the beach, hanging out with loved ones, and so on. When we grew up, we got jobs and had work to do during the summer, but we didn’t have to learn and attend classes. So surely, when you imagine your summer as a nurse, you don’t usually imagine getting more CEs fulfilled, but in truth, fulfilling your CE requirements in the summer can actually be beneficial and efficient, without compromising time for your other things. 

During the year, it can be quite hard to focus on fulfilling your CE requirements because of other responsibilities. If you are a nurse with children, then your children must need a lot of attention and care when they are attending school. When the summertime comes, though, your spouse may have more time off, your kids might go to summer camps and need less from you, and so on, so you might actually have more time to get your CE requirements completed in the summer. With less time needed to take care of other people, you can focus on you and getting your CEs fulfilled. 

Additionally, during the summer, you might have time for vacationing on your own as well. As good as it sounds to go to the beach and relax, it can also be a good idea to set out some time to fulfill your CEs. You can take a few days at the beginning of a break completing all your necessary requirements at once, and not have to worry about it for the next two years. Though vacationing seems like it is mainly for rejuvenating, resetting, and having fun, it can also be good for your relaxation and stress levels later if you take of your CEs all at once and then have the rest of the year to not worry about them, and the rest of your vacation as well. 

On top of those two things, you can also just set out an hour or two during each of your vacation days to get some CE requirements done. This method allows you to have separate up your enjoyment with some grueling work so that it is not so bad and difficult to power through. Whatever time during the day you decide to set out, this method can be helpful because by the end of your vacation, you will have had much fun, maybe even tanned well, and be done with everything CE-related as you know it! 

Though summer is not the perfect season to complete your CEs, there are definitely a lot of benefits attached to getting them done during this warm season. Some of those reasons fall under having more free time and other reasons fall under working hard to play harder. It can be beneficial, though, to complete all your CEs at once in the summer for your sanity throughout the rest of the year. Get all your CEs done at once, and you don’t have to worry about them for the next two years! Now that sounds like a pretty sweet deal, even if your mechanism for instant gratification does not quite agree. 

When your CE requirements need to be fulfilled one of these days, try getting them done in the summer and see if that works better for you than your original schedule! Remember to plan out your schedule in the summer before getting started, and you may find that this strategy opens up more time for you in the future for other things that are not so tedious and annoying because even though we provide CEs, trust me, we get it. Besides, getting your CEs done while looking at the beautiful oceanside doesn’t sound like the worst thing that you could do, right?

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