What to Get the Nurse in Your Life for National Nurses Week

Cynira Clay - 04/05/18

Get ready because it’s time to celebrate the front line of healthcare...our rockstars...those smiling angels otherwise known as our nurses. It's finally their week to shine! 

National Nurses Week is the time to raise the spotlight on the over-worked, under-paid nurses in your life. Whether you’re related to a nurse or work with a nurse, you can pretty much assume that they’ve been looking forward to this week all year - hey if you had an entire week dedicated to your career you'd be pretty excited too. 

So here are some great gifts you can get a nurse to show how much you appreciate them.

1. Create Your Own Spa 

If there’s anything that all nurses agree on, it’s that they’re usually stressed. However, they usually don’t have the time to decompress by going to a spa or a masseuse. Instead of purchasing vouchers that will go to waste due to time constraints, bring the spa/masseuse to them. You can create a care box of goodies that are specifically tailored towards the nurse in your life. You can put in bath bombs in their favorite scents and colors, soothing essential oils to help them relax and more. You can also throw in some massage bars, foot scrubs and hair masks. Allow them to experience a luxurious experience at home.

2. Stethoscope 

A cute yet helpful gift that you can give to any nurse would be a fashionable stethoscope. Nurses are always looking to personalize their scrubs without breaking dress code and the ultra-popular rose gold stethoscope can help them do that. It’s super functional but also a statement piece that will get them a lot of compliments. You can purchase it here.

3. Something Quirky 

Every nurse will tell you that they hoard nurse related items like a dragon hoarding treasure. You can find cute and quirky nurse related items on Etsy and Amazon that would be great for every nurse. One item that I personally recommend is the Nurse Wine Caddy found here. It’s cute and kitschy enough that they’ll think of you every time they pop open a glass of red wine.

4. Shoes

One thing that a nurse is always on the hunt for is a comfortable pair of shoes. They’re always on their feet and they’re looking for shoes that can relieve pressure. Rather than purchasing shoes for them, you can buy a gift card for a specialty shoe shop that caters towards nurses. They’ll appreciate the thought you put into the gift and the ability to purchase based on their own taste.

5. Continuing Education Hours

If you want to help invest in a nurse’s career, you can always buy them a paid account on NursingCE.com that allows them to get their CEs for license renewal. For one low price, nurses can take unlimited CE courses on NursingCE.com and complete their state requirements necessary to maintain their license. They will be grateful that you’ve taken the time to think about their future and made it easier for them to get their contact hours. It’s a great gift and great savings!