What You Need to Know Before You Renew Your 2019 Hawaii RN Nursing License

Kristina Milone - 05/29/19

As a Registered Nurse, your license will expire biennially on June 30 of every odd-numbered year (June 30, 2019). Unless you qualify for one of the exemptions or have received prior approval for an extension by the Hawaii State Board of Nursing, All Hawaii nurse licensees must complete at least one learning activity option prior to renewing the license. According to  HRS ยง457-9.3, one of the learning activity options you can choose from are:

  • National certification or recertification related to the nurse's practice role; 
  • Thirty (30) contact hours of continuing education activities; 
  • Completion of a board approved refresher course; 
  • Completion of a minimum of two semester credits of post-licensure academic education related to nursing practice from an accredited nursing program; 
  • Participation as a preceptor, for at least one nursing student or employee transitioning into new clinical practice areas for at least one hundred twenty hours, in a one-to-one relationship as part of an organized preceptorship program; provided that the licensee may precept more than one student or employee during the one hundred twenty hours and shall be evidenced by documentation of hours completed and objectives of the preceptorship by the institution supervising the student; 
  • Completion as principal or co-principal investigator of a nursing research project that is an institution review board project or evidence-based practice project that has been preapproved by the board; 
  • Authoring or coauthoring a peer reviewed published nursing or health-related article, book, or book chapter; 
  • Developing and conducting a nursing education presentation or presentations totaling a minimum of five contact hours of actual organized instruction that qualifies as continuing education; 
  • Completion of a board-recognized nurse residency program; 
  • A similar type of learning activity option; provided that the type of activity shall be recognized by the board. 

Continuing education courses will help you meet the requirements to renew your RN license.

Check out these courses to fulfill your RN Hawaii CE requirements:

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