Florida APRNs

The Florida APRN Bundle has 9 courses totaling 32 ANCC hours. It fully meets Florida's APRN renewal requirements. We report directly to CE Broker.

Courses inside this bundle:
  1. Palliative Care
  2. Special topics in end of life nursing

  3. Substance Abuse and Addiction
  4. Identifying risk factors and patient-centered care

  5. Medical Errors
  6. Prevention and root cause analysis of medical errors

  7. HIV/AIDs
  8. Care priorities in various stages of patients with HIV/AIDs

  9. Domestic and Community Violence
  10. Nursing interventions and prevention for victims

  11. Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace
  12. Identification, prevention, and support for colleagues at risk for SUD

  13. Florida Laws and Rules
  14. Analysis of Florida statutes regarding nursing practice

  15. Safe and Effective Prescription of Controlled Substances
  16. Managing tolerance, dependence, addiction, and patient expectations

  17. Human Trafficking
  18. Indications and nursing intervention for human trafficking

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