Georgia Nurses

The Georgia Bundle has 6 courses totaling 30 ANCC hours. It fully meets Georgia's renewal requirements.

Courses inside this bundle:
  1. Child Maltreatment Nursing CE Course
  2. Guidelines for identifying, reporting, and protecting victims of abuse

  3. Infection Control Nursing CE Course
  4. CDC and NY-specific guidelines for infection control

  5. Pain Management Nursing CE Course
  6. Physiology and assessment of pain with guidelines for drug diversion

  7. HIV/AIDs Nursing CE Course
  8. Care priorities in various stages of patients with HIV/AIDs

  9. Suicide and Suicide Prevention Nursing CE Course
  10. Identification and assessment of harmful symptoms and behaviors

  11. Bioterrorism Nursing CE Course
  12. Symptoms and treatments for victims of chemical and radioactive agents