Texas RNs & LVNs

The Texas RN & LVN Bundle has 8 courses totaling 21 ANCC hours.

Courses inside this bundle:
  1. HIV/AIDs Nursing CE Course
  2. Care priorities in various stages of patients with HIV/AIDs

  3. Forensic Evidence Collection for Sexual Assault Victims (Texas) Nursing CE Course
  4. SANE training guidelines for Texas nurses

  5. Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics (Texas) Nursing CE Course
  6. Scope of practice with ethical and legal guidelines

  7. Geriatrics Nursing CE Course
  8. Health strategies for older adults, with considerations for memory care

  9. End of Life Care and Pain Management Nursing CE Course
  10. Applying WHO's 3-step ladder for appropriate pain management

  11. Alzheimer's Disease: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research Nursing CE Course
  12. Pathophysiology, screening, treatment, and research

  13. The Nurse's Role in Procedural Sedation Nursing CE Course
  14. Aspects of preoperative care including patient safety and sedation levels

  15. Cultural Competency with Religious, Ethnic, and LGBTQ+ Considerations Nursing CE Course
  16. Topics of care in a diverse patient population