Massachusetts CEs for RNs and LPNs

The Alabama NP Bundle has 5 courses totaling 15 ANCC. You will need to find the Massachussete Chapter 260 Domestic Abuse Course at the BON website

Courses inside this bundle:
  1. Domestic and Community Violence Nursing CE Course
  2. Nursing interventions and prevention for victims

  3. Suicide and Suicide Prevention Nursing CE Course
  4. Identification and assessment of harmful symptoms and behaviors

  5. A Nurse's Role in the American Opioid Epidemic Nursing CE Course
  6. Drug monitoring, drug diversion, and naloxone

  7. Alzheimer's Disease: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research Nursing CE Course
  8. Pathophysiology, screening, treatment, and research

  9. HIPAA Compliance Nursing CE Course
  10. Guidelines and rules for PHI