Tennessee Nurses

The Tennessee Nurses Bundle has 7 courses totaling 28 ANCC hours. It fully meets Tennessee's renewal guidelines for RN, LPN and APRNs.

Courses inside this bundle:
  1. Infection Control Nursing CE Course
  2. CDC and NY-specific guidelines for infection control

  3. Substance Abuse and Addiction Nursing CE Course
  4. Identifying risk factors and patient-centered care

  5. Medical Errors Nursing CE Course
  6. Prevention and root cause analysis of medical errors

  7. HIV/AIDs Nursing CE Course
  8. Care priorities in various stages of patients with HIV/AIDs

  9. Domestic and Community Violence Nursing CE Course
  10. Nursing interventions and prevention for victims

  11. A Nurse's Role in the American Opioid Epidemic Nursing CE Course
  12. Drug monitoring, drug diversion, and naloxone

  13. HIPAA Compliance Nursing CE Course
  14. Guidelines and rules for PHI