Sustainability means committing to the health of our future.

The nursing community understands the importance of health better than any other. Unfortunately, most of us have been overlooking the health of something incredibly important; our planet. That’s why, here at NursingCE, we want to be just as committed to health as you are when it comes to leaving our best green footprint behind.


Change starts with us.
Here are some of the things that
we've been doing to cut down on energy

Saving Trees

We don’t print anything on paper, like certificates, unless you ask. We’re also starting a new initiative. starting next year, on Earth Day, we’re going to be planting trees based on how many lifetime purchases are made.

Reducing Carbon

From Energy-Star certified appliances to LED lights, everything in our office reduces our energy use. We save up to 930 watts a day, adding up to 148,320 watts a month. Additionally, we work from home on Fridays, so no energy is used then.


We use reusable glassware, silverware and dishes in our office to reduce plastic and paper waste. We have a strict no plastic straw rule. Instead we have beautiful aluminum straws that compliment every beverage well. We will be moving to the renewable wind energy offering within ConEd, our electric provider.


A personal message
from us, to you.

NursingCE is all about what’s next, meaning that everything we do is focused on innovation and efficiency. We are technology-oriented and forward-facing because that’s what it takes to help you complete your responsiblities faster. Innovation, though, should not come at the expense of our planet, and we know that there are less harmful ways to move forward together.

In fact, our entire company has been built with sustainability and conservation in mind. All of our services and products are digital — we don’t even print certificates unless you specifically request that they be delivered directly to your home. Additionally, we’re going to be planting trees each Earth Day to continue offsetting our carbon footprint.

Though our office and team are not large by any means, we’re still doing what we can to cut down on energy use. As you know, our appliances are Energy-Star certified, cutting down on their wattage by 20%. Additionally, we use our own laptops to conduct our work instead of using desktop monitors, saving approximately 650 watts per day across our entire team. We have only the appliances that we need, and all appliances have a timer that turns them off automatically when they’re not being used. All of this in total saves over 1,779,840 watts (1,779 kWh) per year.

On Fridays, the entire team works remotely, cutting down on transportation costs. This automatically reduces the energy that your average office uses by 80%.

Most of these things are small habits that have big impacts, so we encourage you to try and be more eco-friendly as well. Use less plasticware, start composting, adopt renewable resources, and so on.

We’re a small, tight-knit company with big dreams when it comes to the nursing education industry and environmental sustainability. Soon, we hope to install solar panels and use our own renewable energy source. After that, we hope to figure out ways to save the bees because that’s what Cece would want.