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West Virginia State NursingCE Requirements

West Virginia Registered Nurse (RN) CE Requirements

You are required to complete 12 CE hours every licensing period, 2 of which must be related to mental health conditions common. If you are authorized to prescribe, dispense, and/or administer controlled substances, you are required 3 hours of drug diversion training at initial licensure, and 1 hour every renewal thereafter.

West Virginia Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) CE Requirements

You are required to complete 24 CE hours every two years. Of those hours, 3 must be in chemical dependence/substance abuse disorders and 2 must be in mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans for every renewal. There is a one time requirement of 2 CE hours in end-of-life care with pain management at initial renewal.

West Virginia Nurse Practitioner (NP) CE Requirements

You are required to complete 24 CE hours each licensing period. 12 of those hours must be in pharmacology and 12 hours must be in clinical management practice.

Recommended CE Courses

While these topics are not required, you may earn CE hours towards your license renewal.

NursingCE Course Contact Hours
Infection Control 6
Child Maltreatment 3
Domestic and Community Violence 3
Pain Management 5
Medical Errors 5
Substance Abuse and Addiction 5
Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace 2
Organ and Tissue Donation and Recovery 1
Total Hours: 36

Add-On NursingCE Courses

NursingCE Courses That May Augment Your Nursing Expertise

NursingCE Course Contact Hours
Palliative Care 3
Total Hours: 3
Each professional is accountable for understanding his or her accrediting/licensing body’s standards and requirements. While we try to routinely update information on this page, we are not responsible for its accuracy and information is subject to change without notice.
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